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Why Malaysia?

Malaysia, strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia, is a land rich in culture, nature, heritage and modernity. As one of Asia’s most vibrant economies, Malaysia offers a dynamic business environment with advancing technologies and well-developed infrastructure – a combination that makes for a compelling business case for companies and investors alike.

Reasons to do business in Malaysia include:

  • Member of ASEAN
  • Attractive tax incentives
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Competitiveness ranking

Doing Business in Malaysia

Like all markets in Asia, Malaysia has unique business and cultural traits that shape a company’s experience in the city. To avoid any unintentional faux pas and to make life easier, here is a list of important facts about doing business in Malaysia:

  • Tax obligations
  • Employment of expatriates
  • SOCSO (Social Security Organization)
  • The Employment Provident Fund (EPF)
  • Employment considerations
  • Business etiquette

How Tricor can help in Malaysia

Tricor’s comprehensive service offerings include accounting and tax services for multinationals and small and medium enterprises; corporate governance, administration and secretarial services for both listed and non-listed companies; investor and share registry services; and human resources and payroll services.

Whether you want to establish business in Malaysia or overseas jurisdictions, our experienced professionals can advise and assist. In Malaysia, Tricor’s experienced team can advise on the type of entity and the appropriate corporate structure and register the entity according to legal requirements

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