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eBook: Doing business in Singapore

Singapore is a prime destination for businesses and investors. It boasts excellent connectivity, a robust economy at forefront of innovation. 

What’s in this guide?

Why Singapore?

Singapore’s government is friendly and pro-business. The legal and judicial system is transparent and independent. Corporate governance is ingrained in the business culture, and corruption is almost non-existent. There is no capital gains tax, dividends tax, estate tax or inheritance tax.

Reasons to do business in Singapore include:

  • A pro-business, open economy
  • Safe, clean and sustainable
  • Excellent infrastructure and connectivity
  • Efficient business environment

Like all markets in Asia, Singapore has unique business and cultural traits that shape a company’s experience in the city. To avoid any unintentional faux pas and to make life easier, here is a list of important facts about doing business in Singapore:

  • Tax obligations
  • Types of visas
  • Registering businesses
  • The Central Provident Fund (CPF)
  • Employment considerations
  • Business etiquette

Who’s this guide for?

This guide is for any company or individual who is thinking about starting a business in Singapore. Our guides are written using informative and concise language so that you get immediate value without having to read a novel or 100 blogs on Google!

Tricor in Singapore

Tricor’s comprehensive service offerings in Singapore include accounting and tax services for multinationals and small and medium enterprises; corporate governance, administration and secretarial services for both listed and non-listed companies; investor and share registry services; human resources and payroll services; and corporate trust and debt services.

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