Somjin Pholpornprasert, Chief Executive Officer of Thailand

January 24, 2019

Meet Somjin Pholpornprasert, Chief Executive Officer of Tricor Thailand. She believes the key in keeping Tricor employees motivated and engaged is through many different components; from sourcing the right people to creating the right working atmosphere to thrive. 

What does success mean to you?

Frankly speaking, as a professional, I don’t think I can measure my own success. The people who can best measure my success are our clients and teammates.

For our clients, success is mostly a state of mind. It is measured by how one feels and by the quality of the interaction. Success is when you are satisfied with your own work and have earned the admiration of your clients. When clients benefit from your work and become trusted partners. When clients always look to you for guidance and help.

For our teammates, success is measured by a company that employees rank highly and love to work in. When our team mates are happy to work with us and able develop their own skills, including being more capable when they leave to pursue other endeavors.

How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?

There are many components that we need to put together in order to drive the spirit of our team, starting from:

1. Selecting the right people: We search and select only the people whose character, attitude, expectations, IQ, and EQ fit in with our culture/vision.

2. Setting expectations: Clearly defining roles and responsibilities and how important our employees are in the work cycle. We let our employees know how important they are as part of the team and how important teamwork is.

3. Compensation commensurate with performance: Everyone is looking for a fair deal. To get a return on what has been contributed, commensurate pay is not a factor that can be overlooked — you will lose good employees if the compensation is unreasonable or is not competitive with the market!

4.Access to training and education: Everyone needs to develop and strengthen their knowledge and skills in the work that one does. We make sure the education/training is always updated for the team.

5. Work-life balance: Millennials value a healthy work-life balance, therefore, we adjust and allocate the portfolio to fit in with their lifestyle. Gen Xers tend to prefer flexi-time, which means they can work any time so long as the deliverables are completed by the due deadlines.

6. Seek to understand each team member in both professional and personal matters: This is a bit idealistic, but it has been proved in practice that the better we understand each other, the better performance levels will be, compared with no relationship at all.

7. Relaxed atmosphere: Once the team is comfortable and knows each other well, everyone will work with a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities and form close, collaborative relationships. This creates high quality, consistent results and helps us exceed clients’ expectations.


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