Judy Wong, Group Chief Legal Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Jan 15, 2019

Meet Judy Wong, Tricor's Group Chief Legal Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Judy believes that collaboration is an integral part to her teams success and motivation; it's an important factor to develop together and flourish. Her wisdom and humanity has led her to become a great Tricorian. 

How do you measure success, what does success means to you?
Winston Churchill said: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” To me, success means to take cognizance of the idea that success is not final and failure is not fatal, and have the courage to move on after one success and to stand up again after one failure.

How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?
I grow and thrive with them, as a team.

What is the best career advice you’ve received and why?
“Be sincere” is the best career advice I’ve ever received because sincerity can go a long way.

How do you manage work life balance?
set aside chunk of time each day doing things that keeps me alive – kids and family time, exercise, reading – then dedicate the rest to work.

Share a book/person that has most influenced your career or life? And why?
There are a handful of books that have influenced my life. If I had to pick one, I would choose “Norms and Nobility” by David V. Hicks. It is a book on education, but it helps me realize what true learning is and the importance of bringing ourselves to a full stature of humanity in all our domains. This realization makes me a better person and a better lawyer.

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