Fiona Yung, Executive Director – Executive Resources

Mar 18, 2019

Meet Fiona Yung, an Executive Director, Executive Resources for the Tricor Group. She is experienced in assisting clients in search for the best candidates at managerial and senior positions. Fiona believes that to keep employees motivated the work should be meaningful, exciting and challenging. She shares much of these insights as a regular columnist for the South China Morning Post Classified Post Career Guide. 

How do you measure success, what does success mean to you? 
In our executive search business, which is typically non-recurring, success is when clients come back to us repeatedly for our service. If clients are satisfied with our service, they will remember us, therefore I stress to my team that we need to offer top quality service. Coming from a Big 4 accounting firm, we know that quality service, professional ethics and integrity cannot be compromised. In our business, I measure our success by the happy clients who return to use our service again and again, and who also refer other clients to us. The best testimony is usually from your existing clients.

How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?
Make sure the work is interesting and challenging and know that each staff has their own strengths and limitations. Treat them how you wish to be treated, in a fair and unbiased way. I am very lucky to have a great team and the teamwork we have is exceptional. I try to keep my staff interested in the job, recognize and reward them for good performance, and create an amicable working environment where there is comradeship and teamwork which will lead to greater motivation.

What is the best career advice you’ve received and why?
Do what you enjoy doing and find job satisfaction in your work. I believe that in any career, you need to put in your best effort and be focused in the work you are doing. Be competent, think of all the possible solutions and above all, “be positive”. I believe in a can-do attitude where everything is possible if you give it 100%. Flexibility, creativity, positive thinking and competency are attributes that my team and I adopt.

How do you manage a work life balance?
I try to take holidays regularly to recharge. Being away from the office on holiday gives you time to rejuvenate and refresh your mind so you can have better concentration. I am lucky to have a great team who I can delegate to. Our team work in harmony with a lot of communication and transparency so we cover for each other while away on holiday. Exercise is also a good way to relax and de-stress, so I aim to do some form of exercise each day, even if it is only a low impact 15 minute exercise. Feeling healthy does help me focus on the job and also make better decisions.

When did you join Tricor and Why did you join Tricor?
I joined Tricor in 2003 when Tricor acquired our practice from PwC.

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