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E-Book: Effective Board Meetings for Better Governance

Holding effective meetings

The pinnacle of an organization’s meeting pyramid, the board meeting, is where all of governance activities originate. This e-book focuses on board meetings and their desired outcomes, however it’s worth noting that the ideas tackled here are pertinent to any meeting. 

Learn how to implement a robust governance structure and maintain good governance through effective board meetings, and how technology can help.


The importance of digital solutions

To make good decisions, the board must have access to information. The distribution and management of accurate, timely and secure information is key. 

Boardfolio is a highly secure digital portal that manages all information relevant to board meetings. It can optimize the administrative processes required to set up and manage meetings, aid the documentation of meeting minutes and enables seamless collaboration and quality discussions. We explore how a centralized digital platform can be a catalyst for better governance.


The importance of digital solutions

  • How do meetings promote good governance?
  • What is at the heart of all good meetings?
  • Post COVID-19: Best practices for board meetings
  • What are the stages of board-related communication processes?
  • How can technology help?
  • How should board management software be designed?


Effective Board Meetings iPad Mockup

Effective Board Meetings for Better Governance