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Tricor helped to provide a correct and effective approach in dealing with the Thailand Revenue Department. PBT was able to get a high amount of tax refund from the Thai authority without adverse effects.

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Tricor provided the client with a one-stop shop solution, including payroll, accounting, taxation and company incorporation.

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Tricor team stepped in and extended HR, bookkeeping and management accounting support with greater integration with the in-house teams.

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Royal Brunei

Tricor managed the computation of salaries, and timely arranging of payment, with electronic payment advice delivered to each executive.

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We provided payroll services to tackle the human resources challenge and guarantee compliance and accuracy.

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QSR Brands

We have been partners with Orisoft, a company acquired by Tricor, for over a decade. With Orisoft’s robust, cloud-based, automated HR solution, we are empowered to make insight-driven business decisions and to focus on our core business activities. This all-in-one solution gives us the confidence that our employees are paid correctly, on time, and in strict compliance with government regulations.

The Center

The Center

Responsiveness enabling close of the sale expeditiously not withstanding a complex structure.



Given the need for a better way to manage payroll, Shangri-La explored different options and decided to migrate its system to Tricor’s unify | HRS, a cloud-based platform that runs on Microsoft Azure. More than a simple payroll application, unify | HRS also serves as an analytics platform that enables management to make data-driven decisions on HR matters.



Tricor provided qualified nominee directors to facilitate the initial incorporation of Mobileye’s entity in Japan, and to meet ongoing needs. Because Japanese jurisdiction requires the declaration of the names and addresses of a company’s directors for public record, appointment of a Tricor nominee director strengthened Mobileye’s privacy by preventing the disclosure of their personal information.

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Niantic engaged Tricor to incorporate their business entity in Japan, thereby mitigating risk and ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. Tricor’s expertise was necessary to navigate the layers of bureaucracy and liaise with multiple government organisations, including the ward office, local tax office, regional tax bureau, Legal Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, Labor Standards Inspection Office, Japan Pension Service and the Public Employment Security Office.

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“Certainly you can go to a law firm and they can help you incorporate your company. And you can go to an accounting firm and they can probably audit you."


Sunway Resort

“We are proud to say we are immensely satisfied with the services and support rendered by Tricor. We highly appreciate the prompt response and immediate assistance whenever we encounter any issues regarding payroll processing and other HR matters.”

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Mercedes Benz

“You have to have, not only a good knowledge about accounting principles, but you have to be very comfortable in working with databases.”