Tricor provided qualified nominee directors to facilitate the initial incorporation of Mobileye’s entity in Japan, and to meet ongoing needs. Because Japanese jurisdiction requires the declaration of the names and addresses of a company’s directors for public record, appointment of a Tricor nominee director strengthened Mobileye’s privacy by preventing the disclosure of their personal information.

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“Tricor Japan has enabled us to fulfill our compliance requirements and also helped us achieve process improvements which have grown out of that. "



“We are very pleased with the customer service and technical support provided to us by Tricor’s fantastic customer care team. The prompt response and support, especially during critical times such as salary payout, is exceptional. The regular information and patch updates also ensure we are fully compliant with government regulations.”



“After adopting unify | HRS, all of the necessary data enters the payroll system automatically, without the need for manual entry. Efficiency has improved dramatically. The support team is great to work with and have been able to provide expert assistance on demand without delay.”