Accounting Associate (Beijing)

Mainland China - Beijing

Mainland China - Beijing


Business Services

Seniority Level

Entry Level

Language Required

English, Mandarin


  • Provide customers with services such as accounting, accounting, and accounting according to the standards of the national accounting system.
  • Assist clients in the preparation of accounting statements, calculation of various taxes, tax returns, etc.
  • Cooperate with other team members to complete various accounting related tasks


  • Bachelor degree or above in accounting or accounting related major
  • Familiar with relevant national financial and tax regulations and policies; familiar with financial laws and regulations and corporate financial system procedures
  • Familiar with accounting software such as Kingdee / U8 / ERP System
  • Have college English level 4 or above
  • Have good professional ethics, strong work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, willing to take work pressure
  • Candidates able to start straight away prioritized

5 work days a week, our company provides 15 days of paid annual leave, full payment of endowment insuranc, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, childbirth insurance and housing accumulation funds for employees. Professional qualification test and test leave, professional qualifications can be awarded after receiving professional qualifications, providing good work, development opportunities and superior career prospects.

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