Andrew Lindquist – Managing Director

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Q:Why did you join Tricor?
A:As a former client, I know what a difference a great advisor can make to a business. Now that I’m part of the Tricor team, I find it very rewarding to offer my clients the reliable service that I once received. It’s easy for me to empathise with my clients—I was once in their shoes. I particularly enjoy helping them to avoid the mistakes that I once witnessed or made myself. Overseas expansion is hard, especially when you’re already focused on growing your business. I may have joined Tricor to help others learn from my experience, but I’ve learned so much from them, too.
Q:How do you measure success, what does success means to you?
A:Success is more than achieving tangible goals, it’s about helping other people. One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is helping my colleagues to continuously grow and learn. I particularly enjoy the feeling of seeing someone I’ve hired thrive in a new challenge. Getting them off to the right start and watching them accelerate their careers is an awesome feeling of accomplishment and pride. I think it’s no coincidence that companies with happy and engaged employees also tend to have happy clients. When you’re doing what you love and helping others along the way, it shows through the quality of your work.
Q:Can you please share a book/person that has most influenced your career or life? Why?
A:[How To Win Friends and Influence People] by Dale Carnegie certainly had a great influence on me! Even if you’re not reading it to reach the corner office, it still offers great lessons in how to stay positive and appreciative throughout life. It also taught me to listen—and I mean really listen—to what my clients are saying. It’s not their job to know what they want but it is my job to figure it out. This book taught me to listen before I speak and always show my appreciation for what I’m fortunate to experience and learn.
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